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Jumpy Things is For Sale!!!

Are you interested in starting an inflatable business, or re-branding your current business? After many years of great success in the business, Jumpy Things is now available for sale! As the owners have moved into other ventures, this opportunity is now available to another aspiring or current business owner looking to start a new business or take their current business to the next level. The Jumpy Thing name has proven to be a "hit", being the foundation of the extremely successful branding effort and financial success of the business.

What's included in the sale of Jumpy Things?

1) The Jumpy Things Trademark: Own the name "Jumpy Things". Owning the trademark will prevent any other business from using your name. Or, create additional revenue streams by licensing the name to other inflatable business owners and collecting a royalty!

2) The domain name This popular domain will be secured for your business, serving as the electronic hub for a single location, or multiple locations

3) Jumpy Things Artwork: Logo, advertising design and material including business cards, door hangers, post cards, yard signs, billboards, truck wraps, printing screen, and other various artwork and advertising material.

4) Vendor List: All key vendors- from inflatables, to insurance, will be provided

5) Training for new business start-up: If you are new to the business, we can arrange for the necessary training and business development to ensure your new business is a success.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please call for additional information at 704-747-2461.

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